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About Us
Company and History
Working as mud hand in the Williston Basin in the 70’s, Rich Vestal found himself out of a job when the company he worked for folded up shop.

In 1978, the Red River Mud Co. was born and Rich started retailing drilling mud throughout the Basin, wherever and whenever it was needed. His dedication for customer service was bested only by his enthusiasm  for family and flying. He enjoys flying out to rig locations with his kids in the plane to service his customers.

Vestal was a one-man-show, doing all his own bookkeeping, trucking and flying out to the rigs to call on customers. The company began to grow with the addition of trucks and other services including the construction two years later of the largest mud warehouse in North Dakota at the time. With diversity came a name change to what is known today as Red River Supply, Inc.

Growth continued until the 1980’s when the bust hit the Williston Basin. During the downturn, the company managed to get by while larger companies tended to drive out the independent service companies.

Vestal survived the lean years through diversification and a willingness to do what was needed to survive. Hauling salt and salt-based drilling fluids provided much needed revenue. Vestal set up transload facilities in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; Lewiston, Idaho and Havre, Montana.

As the market began to turn, Red River Supply again began to grow. With additional expertise and capabilities, the company established itself as a preferred partner for warehousing and logistics services. Red River has grown into a materials handling, warehousing, distribution and trucking center in the Williston Basin to service the industry.

Red River Supply is still a family owned and operated company. Rich and his family continue to work in and grow the company and invest in the area. They also formed Vestal Properties and Vestal Resources to further promote the Williston area.
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