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Rail/Transload Facilities
Transload Facilities
You need to move products in and out of the Williston Basin and we have the facilities and resources to get it done. Our transload facilities transfer materials to and from rail car to truck or storage to reduce your transportation costs, improve efficiency, and assist you in better serving your customers.

Our state of the industry transload facilities and services can be used to move products in and out of the Williston Basin and trucked direct to their destination or stored in our warehouses.

Stony Creek Rail Yard:

The 180 acre Stony Creek Rail Yard  is the only rail transloading facility of its kind in Williston, ND with over 4 miles of dedicated track. Stony Creek works 24-7/365 with 1.3 miles of loading/unloading tracks, 1.5 miles of storage tracks and 1.3 miles of arrival/departure tracks today with more on the way!

Rail Cars Serviced:

  • Box Cars
  • Gondola Cars
  • Flat Cars
  • Center Beam Cars
  • Dry Bulk and Pressure Differential Hopper Cars
  • Liquid Tank Cars Cars
  • Pressurized Tank Cars

Products Handled (others available, call for details):

  • Industrial Products
  • Palletized, Breakbulk and Bulk dry goods
  • Crude Oil
  • NGL’s
  • Refined Products
  • Chemicals/Solutions
  • Drill Pipe and Casing (OCTG’s)
  • Line Pipe
  • Agricultural Products
  • Forest Products

Transloading Equipment/Capabilities:

  • Switching Locomotives
  • Rail Ramps
  • Forklifts
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Pipe Grabs
  • Cranes
  • Bulk Conveyors/Transloaders
  • Dry Bulk Storage
  • Dry Bulk Blending & Bagging
  • Liquid/NGL Transloader
  • Liquid Bulk Storage
  • Chemical Transloading & Custom Blending
  • Warehousing

West Yard:

Red River Supply got their transloading start at the West Yard in the early 1980’s with the drilling mud business.  Today, Red River operates on over 3,000 feet of track and 22,000 square feet of custom blending and bagging facilities.

Operations at the West Yard include:

  • Liquid & Dry Bulk Transloading
  • Liquid & Dry Bulk Custom Blending and Packaging
  • Liquid & Dry Bulk Storage
  • Warehousing

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